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Cs3 OpenXml manager

Allows to :
  • create , load package (Word,Excel,Powerpoint)
  • create,edit/save or remove package parts
  • edit document.xml (/word/doxument.xml) in a text/openxml editor and images in an image editor
  • insert images in package
  • save images of package
  • etc.
  • several views facilitate work (text,tree,etc.)
  • find/replace window (in current current packagepart or all packageparts ,with regulars expressions)
  • a visualisor of images is present
  • Code Snippets visualisor (Open XML File Format Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2005)
  • Open XML Schemas explorer
  • ...
Download current release Cs3 OpenXml Manager v1.0.4


Jérôme Romagny

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